With new and ingenious brands created daily, effective product drops every minute and a never-ending stream of trendy beauty regiments taking over social media, the beauty industry has gotten by on the new new. This year however, people are starting to discuss the growing desire for products and trends to slow down and instead provide some longevity that we can commit to.  Now that we are coming out of winter hibernation, expect to describe the beauty vibe as ‘effortless glamour’ instead of just a “filtered glow.” We are at the beginning of the polished and natural look, with accents of bold color only… and it sounds incredible.

We are over the overly filtered photos. We are ready for something more than the over-played, over-contoured look. We are ready to enter into a beauty routine that is defined by minimum effort but has a maximum impact. The look is so simple to recreate when you are no longer going for layers upon layers of eye shadows, pencil work, highlighters and brow creams. In the skin department, it appears as if a luminous, almost fresh out of the shower look , created with luminous tinted moisturizers is making it’s mark. Bold and loud lips and single-color eye shadows are in, providing all the excitement you need for your day or night.

How does this translate to the brow and eyelash world? It means now that the effort is off of your eye-shadow layers and perfectly contoured/highlighted noses… the remaining features of your face need to be naturally and professionally designed by a true artist. Gone are the days you can get away with a pencil-defined arch because there will no longer be 17 other layers of makeup to dilute it. You need a micro bladed look to go with your micro-needled face we are exposed to this year. With a natural look everywhere but your lips and a single-colour eye shadow, your brows have to look as close to their intended shape as possible. Trusting the Beauty Haus to choose your natural shape for you, and create a semi-permanent solution is just what you need going into 2019. The same goes for those eye-lashes you used to be able to buy on Amazon for your night out. Let a professional choose the style that gives you the perfect pop that you need instead. We are ready for 2019… come see us!