Diary of a microbladed woman

Diary of a microbladed woman

Diary of a microbladed woman

We have always wanted to know what the microblading process is like from our client’s perspective. We love reading your comments and seeing your selfies you post after your visit to see us, but still wanted that raw opinion, from start to finish. Well… we got it! This Austin raised designer went through it, and sent us her blog documenting the journey. If you want to read it directly, here is the LINK; we went ahead and copied it here so we can have it forever! So interesting to see it from a different view.

“Diary of a microbladed woman”
(written by Ashleigh Opachen)

If you are anything like me, I started plucking young (damn you tiny eyebrow trend) and my brows never trusted that they can come back safely. I started filling them in as best I could but they never quite took on the right shape. Just when I thought I had it right…. a tagged photo of myself on Facebook proved I in fact, did not have it right. I made a plan to get them taken care of by a professional, tagged a few photos that I liked on social media and started my quest for my brow artist! Answered prayer-  The Beauty Haus came to Cedar Park, I booked my appointment and here is what I have learned through that experience… enjoy.

First of all- what is microblading?

Microblading is a type of eyebrow design, as far as we are concerned. It is all about creating the best brow shape for YOUR face. The tools used allows your technician to make very precise lines to create hair-like structure to the plucked-to-death areas of your brow line. The extremely fine needle points of the tool used creates very delicate featherweight strokes with a medical grade pigment on the epidermis layer for the skin, creating fine, realistic and natural hair strokes. It is a tattoo, that isn’t as deep as the one on my lower back (another big thanks to trendy choices in my early 20’s) on your face. It doesn’t stay as long, so you can breathe easy knowing you aren’t making another permanent decision for your beauty. OK, let me get into the process…

Step- by Step (day by day…)

1- The first step involved calming my nerves for the procedure, which Holly at The Beauty Haus did effortlessly. She made me feel not only confident, but excited!
2- The second step was to draw out her plan for my brows. I must give this advise- you can keep your Pinterest boards and Insta saved photos to yourself. She knows what shape will look best with your features. She drew up her plan, right there on my face, and I was able to approve the final blueprints! I was more excited than ever to see her artistry here.
3- Numbing cream!!!! Just like I wanted to feel nothing of my childbirths, I wanted to feel none of this. Wish granted. We sat and talked for a few minutes as this little miracle cream she put on my brows did it’s magic.
4- It began. She started making her marks. Now, I personally didn’t want to see the tool at first- in fear that it would give me the same anxiety as a shot would, but she did end up showing me and it made it all ok. Not to mention, I was numb so when she was doing her thing, I was deep in conversation with her ( and she is a lovely human to have conversation with).
5- Color me pretty! She put a final smear of pigment on to sit there for a few more minutes. I believe she was putting pigment in the entire time, but I was so relaxed and excited that I cannot remember. What I did find intriguing, is she is also a color specialist. She matches the color of your natural brows so well that your input isn’t necessary at all here! I also learned here that this is the reason that they cannot go deeper with the needles- the color will change.

The next few hours

The numbing cream wore off quickly, the brows looked dark and crazy, but that was all explained before. She not only gives you a sheet that tells you the phases your brows will go through, but explains it all in great detail. I felt very prepared for the days ahead of me. My brows did feel a little weird for the rest of the day- like a sunburn maybe, but nothing I couldn’t handle- especially when I was able to look in the mirror and feel like I went from a solid 6 to a 7 instantly!

Days go by

Just as she predicted- they itched, they shed a little and they changed over the next few days. Because I was so prepared, none of this bothered me. The hardest part of all of this, was trying to keep them as dry as I could. Nothing I haven’t experienced with any new tattoo. It was cake!

Final thoughts

I hate them. I hate them because I am now aware of just how horrific I looked before I got this done. Haha- just kidding. No but seriously, if I had known about Holly and The Beauty Haus when she was in Pflugerville, I would have driven to see her once a year. These beautiful brows will last for a year she says! I am going to do everything I can to keep them perfect, and as soon as they are not anymore- I will go back. I love this! I love how semi-permanent they are. I love how easy that was. I love how I look. I love not penciling in shady ass looking eyebrows and I LOVE the Beauty Haus. 3 thumbs up!

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