We at The Beauty Haus love our jobs, our clients, and one another- so much so- that we asked our marketing girl to come in and interview each girl so we can show them off on our blog. We proudly introduce our lovely Lilly Morrison to you.  Since November 2018, Lilly has been with the Beauty Haus as a lash specialist and has apparently loved “every single moment as an employee”… here is what else she had to say:

Where have you worked before the Beauty Haus?
“I worked at a lash studio in the domain before this, but love working here much more than any job I have ever had. We all get along so well and the environment is so stable and relaxed. Holly is the best to work for- she teaches us all everything from start to finish and is so patient with us all. She is teaching me brows right now and I am so excited to start doing them on my own.”

So you do lashes but are training with brows… is it hard to learn brows?
“It is a totally different world. People are more specific about what they want so that is more difficult, but it is understood. I love saying that I am an artist who knows how to tattoo people. I am excited to get done with training and be able to do it all on my own!”

What is the main question that you get from all clients about lashes that we can answer on here for them?
“They always ask if it will damage their current lashes. I tell them that it will absolutely not! I tell them that our regular lashes are going to grow out the same rate that they always do. You actually grow more lashes, because you mess with your lashes less with fake lashes.”

Random- but were you born here in Austin?
“Yes! I was born in Austin! I am a “unicorn” as they are all calling me now. I am in Pflugerville right now actually.”

What is your favorite place in Austin?
“I am venturing into Round Rock more to see what that is like. I have done the downtown stuff and I am over it. Cedar Park is getting pretty big though so it may get more exciting here pretty soon.”

If you had to be an emoji, which one would you be?
“Haha I didn’t expect that. I would probably be the sun glass one because he is always chillin :)”


Check out her INSTAGRAM to see some of her work!


Lilly is the first of many of these interviews and we can’t wait to show off our other family members! You are going to love them- just like you will love your lashes from Lilly. Click here to book with her now 🙂