Summer is upon us- which means you are more than likely at the pool or beach more often. We all hate the mascara run, so most likely you are coming into the Beauty Haus to get your eyelashes and brows looking summer perfect. Now it is time to take care of them- so we have made you a quick guide.

1. Heat heat- go away!

High heat can take even the best-applied lashes down so try not to point your blow dryer in the direction of your lashes. This also means no standing over that boiling pot of water while you are cooking summer goodies… just say no to heat.

2. Rub a dub

Your lashes, both real and extensions, collect environmental pollutants, such as dust, chlorine and salt water. We can point you in the direction of a good wash when you come in. If you notice that your lashes are not straight you can brush through them with a mascara wand (spoolie).

3. Go Oil-Free

Oil from makeup removers and face products will break down the adhesive that are holding your lashes on. So for now- just avoid them.

4. Be gentle

Your extensions are not a toy young lady! Summer nights can be fun and exhausting, but avoid things such as rubbing and pulling on them when you get sleepy. No matter how itchy- do not be tempted to pick or remove extensions yourself. We will help you! Just call us!

6. Sleep on satin Sleeping Beauty

Using a satin pillowcase can help you maintain your lashes and can also help keep your hair cleaner longer (bonus). The silky fabric reduces friction which in turn helps keep your lashes in place.

7. Bye bye bye Crimp Curler

You don’t. need these with eyelash extensions. So just do not use them. It’s that simple!

8. Schedule a Fill

To keep lashes looking simply stunning throughout the hot Texas summer, follow your natural eyelash growth cycle and keep up with a fill every two to three weeks. We are here for you 🙂


Call us today to make an appointment or ask any questions you may have!