Again, we proudly introduce another one of our beloved team members- Sydney Tran. Sydney has been with the Beauty Haus  from the beginning as a lash specialist who will be picking up the art of brows this summer.  Here is a little more about her… (she is so sweet)!

What is the most predictable question you get as you are doing lashes at the Beauty Haus?
“I always get asked how long I have been doing this. I guess people are just scared and want to make sure they chose the right person to do their lashes, so I get that. I just hope that they trust we know what we are doing because we are trained so well by Holly. No matter what she teaches me, it will be done right. ”

Where are you from?
“I am from the bay area in California. I go to LA alot to see my friends, but my family is still there too- up north. I love going there and just walking around. It is so pretty! ”

How long have you been in Austin?
“11 years!”

How old are you?
“22… wait 23….no 22”

22 or 23?
“haha 22”
(I included this because it was so cute)

What is the best beauty decision you have ever made?
“Getting my eyebrows micro bladed. I never wore makeup until the end of high school and people always told me to get my brows tattooed for them to stand out more. I waited to do it, but was so glad when I actually did it here!”

What is the difference between just getting a tattoo and getting microblading?
“It will be too dark because it goes so much deeper into the skin. The pressure we use is the same pressure you could use on a balloon without it popping. With a tattoo, the ink would eventually turn blue and then you can’t really get rid of it because of the scar tissue. The pigment is pretty stubborn, so it is best to do it right.”

What is the first makeup item you remember buying?
“Mascara for sure!”

If you were to turn into a dinosaur, who would be the first annoying celebrity that you would eat?
Gwyneth Paltrow.  I don’t know why but she has an annoying presence! Haha!”


Check out her INSTAGRAM to see some of her work!

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